Monthly Itinerary, Protocol & How it Works


Hi there! We're so glad you're here. You’re ready to take some Zoom or on-demand group classes with Level Up MVMT! AWESOME!

Each session is geared towards the movement and Pilates professional and are themed based upon the month involve the use of equipment per the itinerary at a glance.

Classes are designed to put YOU first and train with an epic premier industry instructor at a great price. We want to inspire you with new ideas and programming + create a deeper connection and camaraderie through our time together.

How it Works:

·      You buy your monthly pass. 

·      Level Up MVMT will email you confirmation.

·      ZOOM link to join LIVE will be emailed 12-24 hours prior to class start.

·      Instructor and attendees can log in approximately 5 minutes before class start to get information, chat, prepare and make sure technology is working.

·      Class participants are muted so the instructor can be the main person on screen.

·      Sessions go for 60 minutes with your instructor.

·     If you miss the LIVE session, check back inside the week about 2 hours after, as the recording will be available for you to do on-demand at any time!


We've got you. Simply email us at [email protected] or [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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