The incredible Portia Page expands on her 360° series in this 90-minute Classtermind. You’ll walk away with edutainable ways to train yourself and your clients, focusing on three 30-minute one-of-a-kind flows on a Pilates Chair and Arc Barrel. Portia will coach us through a creative and 3D Pilates Chair flow, followed by the Arc Barrel. THEN, we’ll play with combining the Chair and Arc Barrel together as a pair! In each of these, you’ll get about 10 minutes of lecture + 20 minutes of content that will perfectly inspire you to dust off these fantastic pieces of equipment and get a fresh 360° view!

What You Get:

  • Supplementary materials and session handout for tracking along with video.
  • Full recording to the LIVE session (once complete) and 90 minutes of content with Portia.
  • Indefinite access inside this course ticket! Come back anytime to review.

Short clip of Chair + Arc 360° with Portia!

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Portia Page

Balanced Body Educator | Mentor/Coach

Portia Page, PT, NCPT, has been a Pilates teacher for the past 20 years and in the fitness industry for over 30 years as a teacher, program and fitness director, international presenter and author. She has been Balanced Body Pilates Educator since 2006 and is the Education Curriculum Coordinator for Balanced Body. She is also the author of Pilates Illustrated (published by Human Kinetics in 2010). She has a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science from UCSD and is ACE and AFAA certified.