“Oh my gosh, my client’s hip is clicking and thwumping!” “Why can’t they flex their spine or keep their legs up?” “That shouldn’t be happening! How do I help solve it?” You’ve got questions on how to help solve common issues that surface inside the Pilates studio, and we’ve got answers! Join biomechanist and legendary Pilates pioneer Shari Berkowitz as she helps us with solutions inside the studio for various types of clients and scenarios we encounter. She’ll discuss and common questions, (we welcome your questions too), and provide protocol and simple solutions to share with our clients, classes, and ourselves. Gain confidence and clarity in these 90-minutes with Shari and get ideas, self-efficacy and knowledge to last for many moons to come.

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  • Class plan & Q&A from Shari
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  • 90 minutes of lecture + MVMT (BONUS: Shari gave us an extra 30 minutes)

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  Cueing Common Exercise Issues in the Pilates Studio
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