Ouchy, Grouchy, KNEES! Strategies to Help with Limitations & Irritations!

Do you or your client(s) struggle with knee pain? Have an old injury or surgery that is still causing stiffness, soreness, or irritation?

Many clients struggle with optimal alignment in lunges and lower body strength-based protocol. It often gets expressed in knee pain. If they have pre-existing knee issues, they can be afraid of moving in those ROMs. In this 90-minute Classtermind we’ll dive into some strategies for improvement and possible correction. This mini-workshop is aimed at people or clients with muscular imbalance as the root cause of the knee issue. We will use the CoreAlign and a variety of small props to introduce exercises, sequences, and movement experiences. Come join Lisa Graham, Balanced Body Master Instructor, and learn safe, inspirational, and fresh ways to work with grouchy knees and feel confident in knowing what to teach to improve range of motion and strength!

Recommended Equipment: CoreAlign and/or small props. Foam roller, 10-12" small stability ball, (i.e. TOGU), theraband, yoga block, massage ball, (i.e. pinkie ball or tennis ball).

What You Get Inside:

  • Supplementary materials and session handout for tracking along with video.
  • Full recording to the LIVE session and over 90 minutes Ouchy, Grouchy, Knees! with Lisa
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  Ouchy, Grouchy, Knees!
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