Ever wonder if your client is listening? Do you find yourself repeating cues session after session? Maybe even rep after rep? Have you had a client come in to share how they discovered a connection on their own that you have been telling them for months about? These are all signs you're talking too much. BTW, you're not alone. It’s not easy to be quiet while a client moves. We feel like our value is the words we say. And if we aren't cueing them or correcting them in every rep then maybe they'll think we are not very present. 

What if that was all a story we told ourselves?

What if the body could teach itself? 

And, what if that actually made you even more valuable to your clients?

If you're tired of saying the same things over and over only to feel like a burnt-out broken record this Classtermind is for you.

We Will Cover:

  • Filler words that actually make you sound less present
  • Ways to correct, cue and command a session without "good" being the affirmation after each exercise.
  • How to create sessions that meet your client where they are in that moment and leave them thinking you're a genius!

Plus, benefits to talking less aka saving your vocal cords!

What You Get:

  • Class plan & recording inside. 
  • Access to content indefinitely.
  • 90 minutes of lecture + MVMT together.

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  Talk Less, Teach More!
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