This is a 4-part series and an a la carte ticket to the FIND CENTER module. This is a one-of-a-kind program led by Nora St. John, along with her direct mentees for over 15 years, Nico Gonzalez and Erika Quest. Join these global leaders in the Pilates and MVMT industry with complementary visions to inspire you to experience a combination of academic lecture, anatomy, and biomechanics supported with a creative yet FUNctional MVMT component using Pilates equipment and props.

Get to the core of it all with our kick-off module. Dive deep into mobility, stability, and the dynamic nature of how they work together. Like walking a tightrope within, you’ll find center, both anatomically and with one-of-a-kind MVMT sequences, to get to the root of the matter!

What You'll Take Away:
  • Confidence in your understanding of anatomy in a non-judgmental and fun environment.
  • Clarify your why when teaching your clients and classes.
  • Creative and FUNctional programming for you to utilize and embody with your clients and classes.
What Equipment & What's Inside:
  • Reformer, Chair, Small Props are used for the creative and FUNctional MVMT strategies.
  • Full downloadable PowerPoint session handout to track along with this session.
  • 4 hours of video to keep and come back to as a reference and guide.

The Purpose

This is a 4-hour module and program focussing in on the WHY behind your WHAT! In each module, we tap into Nora St. John, MS, creator of Balanced Body Education and Advanced Movement Principles. With her academic background + rich understanding of MVMT, we'll get beyond WHAT the exercise is and get inside WHY you're teaching it to the body or bodies in front of you.

In FIND CENTER, Erika will complement and couple MVMT strategies and FUNctional ways to focus on these academic concepts alongside Nora's lecture and give you ideas and exercises to refresh your brain and body for many moons to come.

A Quick Clip Of Find Center!

Mechanics Meets MVMT Curriculum!

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Mechanics Meets MVMT Coaches!

We're delighted you're coming on this journey with Mechanics Meets MVMT. Whether you're with us for the whole 4-part series OR joining module by module, we're excited to have you!

Nora St. John, MS created and developed the Balanced Body Pilates curriculum in 2005 and has trained over 500 Balanced Body Educators since that time. Nico and Erika are two of those educators who have had the great joy and gift of continued mentorship as teachers, presenters, and powerful creative forces ever since.

With a combined knowledge of anatomy, MVMT, Pilates, and creative programming this trio will be your guides throughout the entire MMM program. Balanced Body brought them together and their powerful synergy and rich and supportive relationship will open your mind and empower your teaching. Each one comes to the conversation with a complementary understanding of functional movement and Pilates strategies with easy, "plug and play" programming applications.

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