The Level Up MVMT Platinum Pass is YOUR TICKET to excellence in training. This is the premier opportunity for YOU to put YOURSELF first and train with top-notch instructors from a variety of different backgrounds. In this special 4-session pass, Level Up MVMT Founder, Erika Quest teaches all 4-sessions.

For each session, the equipment and programming/focus will vary, but the theme will stay the same.

Workout and learn simultaneously in these "edutainable" sessions with some of the best MVMT instructors/educators in the business at an EPIC price, (just $37.50 per session).

What's Inside:

  • Four 50-55 minute sessions.
  • Reformer, chair, mat & small props.
  • Indefinite access to this content.

Platinum Pass Strength Short Clips with Erika!

All the Juicy Details!

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