The Level Up MVMT Platinum Pass is YOUR TICKET to excellence in training. This is the premier opportunity for YOU to put YOURSELF first and train with top-notch instructors from a variety of different backgrounds. In this pass, we're all about the theme of FLOW, and we've got a STAR LINE UP of instructors. See below!

When we run these live, each week (THURSDAY'S AT 12P PT) you will join in a LIVE workout (or recording loaded below inside the course after) with a monthly theme. Each week the equipment and programming/focus will vary, but the theme will stay the same.

Workout and learn simultaneously in these "edutainable" sessions with some of the best MVMT instructors/educators in the business at an EPIC price, (just $37.50 per session). OR, if you're buying this pass AFTER the live sessions have concluded head on inside after you purchase and get FOUR AWESOME SESSIONS to do at your own pace and save and come back to whenever you'd like!

What You Get:

  • Zoom link to join LIVE emailed 12 hours prior to session start. 
  • Recording to LIVE class stays inside course after for you to do, re-do and teach to clients.
  • 55 minutes of creative MVMT & workout with best-in-class instructor.

Grab your Platinum Pass below!