Are you a fantastic female in the full tilt of trying to age well, or a PRO who’s training these amazing women? Join Physical Therapist and women’s health expert, Jessica Valant, as she brings her playful yet honest wisdom to this PRO MVMT Classtermind. Jessica will talk us through a mini-lecture on well women topics of interest and then will move us through strategies to support and integrate in our bodies and also share with clients and other women. Erika will integrate those movement experiences into a 30-minute workout focused on the well woman, the strength and power in embodying our current ecosystem without judgement and the opportunity to maintain AND still perform at a high level.

Each class is geared towards the movement and Pilates professional and will be mat and bodyweight based + may involve the use of a small prop. Classes are designed to give you a great workout, inspire you with new ideas, programming and more + create a deeper connection and camaraderie through our time together.

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Featured Educator & Special Guest:

Hey there! I'm Jessica Valant.

I’m a physical therapist and a Pilates teacher. I am a wife, a business owner and a mom. I am an endometriosis, infertility, prolapse and hysterectomy warrior and navigator. I am a business coach, movement educator and teacher trainer.

I believe there is power in movement and that movement is power. This includes actual physical movement as well as movement of the mind and changing of our beliefs about ourselves.

I believe that movement SHOULD NOT be painful, frustrating or embarassing.

I believe movement SHOULD BE freeing. I believe it should be fun. I believe it should be empowering, encouraging and inspiring.

I believe when we feel strong and free in our own bodies we can start to be more kind to ourselves. When we are more kind to ourselves, we can then be more kind to others. There is a ripple of love that is born in the world when we can finally show ourselves a little grace, patience and freedom to be ourselves.

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