Do you have a MOTR and a Reformer, or just one of these amazing pieces of equipment? Do you want to learn how to use your MOTR as a Reformer and vice versa?

Join Heidi and Brigitte for a dynamic and unique hour and a half class utilizing both of these pieces of equipment in creative and joyful ways. Great for privates, duets, group classes online or in person! Add more variety to your classes, an option to earn more revenue and even inspire your own movement practice.

These classes are designed for PROs, but enthusiasts with solid movement background are welcome. This is a space where we educate, stimulate and motivate you during our time together AND provide you with principles, guidance and programming to take away to your clients and classes.

What You Get:

  • Class plan 
  • 90 minutes of creative MVMT with Heidi and Brigitte using a Reformer & MOTR 

All the Juicy Details!

Hey you! Brigitte & Heidi here!

We're your instructors for this MVMT Mashup and will be teaching you how to easily and effectively work with both a Reformer & MOTR in harmony! We're super excited to inspire you with your workouts and give you programming strategies to take back to your clients, whether it be in person, online or a combination of both!

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