"This workshop with Danica was fabulous, please have Danica do more workshops.
...super AAAAAplus from Me." - Jennie Coburn

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The ribs are not flat, and shoulder blades move. We'll explore the relationship between thoracic mobility and the biomechanics of the shoulder girdle, a complex area of the body that is critical for performance, as well as healthy activities of daily life. Thoracic mobility is a key element in the strength and positioning of the shoulder joint. This Classtermind is a combination of lecture and movement on the Tower/Cadillac and Spine Corrector. We'll also incorporate small props for support and feedback.

Equipment (recommended, not necessary to attend): Spine corrector or small barrel, trapeze or tower.

What You Get:

  • Supplementary materials and session handout for tracking along with video.
  • Full recording to the LIVE session (once complete) and 90 minutes of content with Danica.
  • This live session comes with 1.5 NPCP CECs
  • Indefinite access inside this course ticket! Come back anytime to review.

This session ALSO comes with 1.5 NPCP CECs, so don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to train with an expert on this topic.

"This course was AWESOME!! Just finished the replay - the anatomy recap was super
helpful before the exercises. Danica provided me w/ some lightbulb moments that I'll be able to incorporate w/ my clients & my own practice. Thank you for a fab course!"
~ Heather Ingram

Uncage Your Ribs + Free Your Shoulders Anatomy Short Clip with Danica!

"Thank you for hosting Danica’s amazing workshop. I was not aware of her previously but now I love her as much as you do. ...I think we got a 2 hour workshop in an hour and a half!" - Deb K.

Uncage Your Ribs + Free Your Shoulders MVMT Short Clip with Danica!

Uncage Your Ribcage & Free Your Shoulders Curriculum


Danica Kalemdaroglu

Danica has been a Pilates practitioner and movement educator for over 20 years. She teaches to educate each body of their individual movement potential. Her studio, Pilates 804, is Richmond VA’s premier training center specializing in restorative Pilates for all bodies. 

Danica is an NCPT and an advanced graduate of the Pilates Center, Boulder where she studied intensively under the Seigel sisters and numerous other master teachers. She holds an MFA from the University of Colorado and a BA from Goucher College; both in performance/choreography and somatics. Her injury plagued dance career brought her to Pilates. Where conventional physical therapy failed, Pilates restored her and prolonged her dancing.She has long retired from performing but continues to teach modern and contemporary to aspiring artists. She has held teaching positions at CU Boulder, Virginia Commonwealth University and currently teaches anatomy within the dance department of Old Dominion University.

Danica is the creator of the Somaphyx® Pilates Method offering continuing education and mentorship for movement professionals as well as in studio apprenticeships. Somaphyx is rooted in traditional Pilates, as created by Joseph Pilates, but detailed with contemporary movement science. Giving teachers an unparalleled skill set as Pilates practitioners.  Learn more about Pilates 804 and Somaphyx by visiting Pilates804.com and stay connected on Instagram @pilates804.