Masterclass Protocol & How it Works


Hi there! I'm so glad you're here. You’re ready to take some Zoom group classes with Level Up MVMT! AWESOME!

Each class/classtermind is geared towards the movement and Pilates professional and will be mat and bodyweight based + may involve the use of a small prop. Classes are designed to give you a great workout, inspire you with new ideas, programming and more + create a deeper connection and camaraderie through our time together. You are joining at your own risk.

How it Works:

·      You buy a class through this course. 

·      Your instructor ([email protected]) will email you confirmation.

·      Your instructor sends you class plan, any event documents and a link to the Zoom class 12-24 hours before class begins for privacy and safety for all joining.

·      Instructor and attendees can log in approximately 10 minutes before class start to get information, chat, prepare and make sure technology is working.

·      Class participants are muted so instructor can be main person on screen.

·      Masterclasses run for 90 minutes.

·      Instructor unmutes participants near the end and we have a chat about this mini workshop and questions.