You're here because you want more, right? Level Up Movement brings you cutting edge, research backed movement and fitness continuing education for a variety of modalities and populations. Regardless of your moving environment or where you train, be it a gym, studio or at home, this education will benefit you. Plug and play these one of a kind programs and strategies into your training environment and with your clients and classes immediately. Can't wait for you to join the MVMT and Level Up!

The Level Up MVMT Vision

Nothing happens without a strong value statement and the WHY behind WHAT you're doing. This short video will tell you a bit more about LUMVMT and our mission in the continuing education journey for movement instructors.


"Loved your clarity and poise. Thank you for this important programming!"

- Nancy Sanchez

Photo: Pilates Anytime

Oh, hey there!

I'm Erika Quest, Founder of the Level Up MVMT and NCPT. As an international movement and fitness educator for over 16 years, I wanted to create a platform and space for esteemed master instructors to share their work when you can't get to us in person! This is how LUMVMT was born. A collective of short format continuing education courses on a variety of different topics for you to choose from. Courses are added on a regular basis and include unlimited access upon purchase to:

▪️ Cutting edge research backed education (some with CECs)

▪️ Livestream & pre-recorded course options

▪️ Quick clips of movement elements & sequences

▪️ Plug & play workout and programming structures to use immediately in your moving environment

I know, you're ready to Level Up & we can't wait to have you join the Level Up MVMT!